Mid-War has been around for five great years so far, and with the release of North Africa and Eastern Front, looks set to be around for many more to come. In those five years, you’ve been playing piles of games and have given us lots of feedback. The good news is that Mid War works well in its current form and is producing well-balanced games.

The new North Africa and Eastern Front books are entirely compatible with the existing books and cards. The new boxes and terrain sets make it easier than ever for players to get into the period, and much easier for retailers to stock.

That being said, there’s always room for improvement and we’ve been experimenting with some fine-tuning of the points. We didn’t want to do this in the new books because things are working well at the moment and we didn’t want to make players buy new books and cards. So we’ve created this list of entirely optional points adjustments you can try.

The changes are in three categories: medium tanks, light SP guns, and armoured cars. Looking first at the more powerful medium tanks, you’ll see points decreases to make them easier to include as the core of your force. With light SP guns like the Marder and Hornisse, giving them a points boost removes them from being the cornerstone of every force and makes them a considered choice. Armoured cars have also increased in points. In most forces, where you only have one unit, this change is unlikely to have much effect, especially with your medium tanks reducing in points. However, it makes forces that exploit their low cost less attractive.

Overall, these changes won’t change the balance of the game — it’s well balanced at the moment, but you will see a change in the composition of the forces turning up at games. Some forces that we feel should be core become more attractive, while others that took advantage of the points in strange ways become less so. The vast majority of forces you can build will be largely unchanged.

For veteran Mid-War players, these changes should make for some refreshing new challenges!

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